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marketing & business
navigation for entrepreneurs

real life education.
real interactive.
real friendly.


in true experiential marketing fashion, we've learned that being able to get up close and personal is not only favorable for improving brand perception, but also great for interactive learning. you learn better in person folks, so we'll meet face to face often to learn, fellowship, and network.


now since we're all far and wide and busy, we have to get online from time to time to get some learnings in. we'll have self-paced, live workshops, and downloadable goodies to suit all of your needs.


sometimes you just need one on one time. I'm here for it and am ready to chat about your specific marketing and business needs. you'll leave with a high-level strategy to set you on a straighter, smarter path to getting customers...and money!


now if you know me then you know unique live experiences is one of my specialties and loves. they've proven to be one of best ways to get up close and personal with current and potential you'll def get some opportunities to meet me and my partners, learn more about true school, build relationships with other business owners, gain some followers and customers, and have a gang of fun.


a long-time, consistent mission of mine has always been to support local small businesses. I've developed relationships with so many; we're our own supportive community.  there are so many success stories to learn from so we're hitting the road to get to know some of these business owners and dig into their businesses, processes and triumphs, while supporting them.

What We Offer

our brand covenants.

real life education.

we're a community over here and we use our collective resources and relationships to educate you, using your own business and relatable situations as examples, testimonials, and learning tools.

real interactive.

we like to keep it moving. we'll play games, do fun exercises, get into each other's business, step outside the walls of the classroom, take business field trips so we can learn from other successful small businesses, and more.

real fun & friendly.

we're fun and friendly. we become our own supportive community of cheerleaders and advocates. while learning from one another, we're  also playing and cheering each other on. we're all in this together to win it.

Brand Covenants

upcoming courses.

the brand truth

solidifying your brand foundation is the most critical aspect of securing success for your business. we'll master your story, customer, message, value and offer.

network. net worth.

developing strategic partnerships is a must for all entrepreneurs. you'll leave with a game plan for what type of relationships to look for, and how to develop and maintain them.

getting active

live and digital experiences are a sure way for consumers to get up close and personal with your brand. learn how to incorporate this strategy and how it can be super effective.

big brand partnerships

in this creator economy, one of the biggest questions we get is how to secure brand partnerships. we'll provide strategies and tactics to help you get that deal.

customers & consumers

if you don't know who your product or service is for or how to talk to them that leads customers! we'll dig into your business to determine who they are and how to reach them.

the message master

that chance meeting with Oprah will be bomb when you've mastered how to effectively and succinctly communicate who you are, what you offer, and what you stand for.

for starters

there are so many ways to begin your entrepreneurial journey. we'll help you develop a starting strategy based on your goals, where you currently are, and what you have.

The Expert

meet the expert.

Marketing...that's my thing.
Entrepreneurship...that's my other thing.
Art and Creativity...well, that's another thing.

I, Carlotta Tutt Holloway, have been at this marketing, advertising, and communications thing for more than 20 years; building brand strategies and executing integrated campaigns at global advertising agencies for brands such as Walmart, Verizon, Mastercard, Chrysler, Cadillac, Ford, Unilever, Susan G. Komen and many I know a thing or two about building and maintaining successful brands.

In 2013 I struck out on my own to build True Root Marketing - a boutique agency serving large and small brands alike. Soon after, I was tapped to begin teaching marketing workshops, then full entrepreneurship cohorts for Detroit's premier entrepreneur institute, which I did for several years. The same year, I also founded The She Is Project - an organization the celebrates multicultural female entrepreneurs...just because I was in awe of the many dope, creative women out there that were branding themselves and doing it well! I was proud of them and wanted to share it!

I do a lot of stuff, like sit on creative, women-focused, and business/entrepreneurship boards and love the arts, design, and cultural learning and experiences.

I never thought I'd be an educator, but turns out I'm pretty good at it...the students seem to like this ol' gal, and I absolutely fell in love with fostering the growth of small business owners and seeing them thrive!

true school is my new baby and I'm super excited to share my marketing, advertising, entrepreneurship, teaching, and cultural expertise with some old and new friends..yes, we're friends now!

I know your business pain points and can help you overcome them. I'll also have some friends and partners joining me to help you navigate this entrepreneurship life. 

I'm your
mentor, advocate, and cheerleader.

Let's go!

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"throughout my years of educating small business owners, the absolute biggest pain point I had to help them overcome was the lack of a brand foundation. so many didn't know who they were, what they offered, or who their customer was. this is a huge barrier to success for a business and I'm here to help you navigate this process and set you up for greatness and growth...and have fun while doing it!


"We're learning a great deal from you. We're grateful for every seed of wisdom you plant in our burgeoning business brains".

-CoStarters Student

"Can't wait for the next class."

-Marketing Workshop Attendee

"This information has been so helpful. Thanks for always taking the time to educate us and keep us on point."

-IG Workshop Attendee

"She taught my wife and I and we absolutely love her!"

-CoStarters Student

Working from Home

let's get friendly.

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